PABX Intercom System

Cybertech Security and Technologies Limited is one of the foremost security company, specializing in providing modern-day solutions to individuals and organizations who are in need of superior safety measures. We offer a wide range of security products and services to residential and commercial clients.

Our company is known for providing top-rated security equipment including monitoring cameras, mobile surveillance and PABX system in Nigeria. We also deliver tailor-made systems to address distinct safety requirements of clients from all industries. Our comprehensive line of CCTV and telephony equipment, combined with efficient service, makes us the ideal partner in maintaining safety measures in your business place.

PABX is a wonderful technology and it helps to increase employee productivity while communicating with each other. PABX is an essential part in almost all offices, hotels and homes in Nigeria.


Basic telephone systems may be appropriate for small offices with less than 5 employees. A vendor can offer up phone quotes for your system of choice with additional features that can help your business: automated attendant, on-hold messaging, conferencing calling, automatic call distribution, and computer telephony integration. For bigger offices and call centers, powerful multi-line phone solutions like Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) systems provide several features for the business. You can also program PABX systems for different implementations and the technology can expand as your company grows.

We are providing phone systems that take your current and future capacity needs into consideration. .

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