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PABX System Installation and Maintenance

PABX System Installation and Maintenance When it comes to maintaining an organisation within a company, the PABX system is an essential part of the technological infrastructure. It is the channel through which different forms of information flow from one source to another. It allows different contact points within the corporate network to communicate with one another through a secure private line. It also allows those same contact points to branch out to an outside line for communication.

PABX systems serve as the neural network that connects different departments to facilitate the unified functionality of the whole company.Here at Cybertech, we have the technical expertise and industry experience to perform the installation of a PABX system within any infrastructure. Whether you are looking for network fit for a start-up company or a more extensive connection for your mid-sized corporation, we can help you.
We combine industry leading workmanship, top quality technologies, and upgradable systems to create a comprehensive network that is perfectly positioned to accommodate the growth of any rate, at any level.


A PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) installation is a system that automates telephone switching within a private network. In a typical corporate setup, a company uses phone lines to handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls. In this kind of setup, the phone carrier is given the task of managing the different lines, with the different lines all leading to a multiple-line unit managed by a live operator. This particular setup allows external calls to enter the private network via a singular contact point, and it also permits extension units to communicate with one another internally.

Advantages of PABX

  • Cost savings due to free internal telephone communication and the use of VoIP external calls
  • Automation of switchboard services that allows for direction of calls to relevant workstations and staff members
  • Private Branch Exchange ensures ease in contacting the organization through the management of the organization single business phone line

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